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Experience the Language Power

Why do you need to learn English?

  • Improve skill sets holistically and enhance employment opportunities.
  • Reach new heights while communicating.
  • Open a world of possibilities.
  • Get international recognition.
  • Improve social contacts.
  • Improve Sales/Marketing/Operations etc…thereby helping in strong BOTTOM LINE performance.

We offer

  1. Business Communication
    • Drafting formal emails
    • Professional resume writing
    • Report writing
    • Pronunciation
    • Grammar modules
    • Effective verbal communication
    • Customised modules
  2. Faculty Training Programme for corporate segments to improve
    • Pronunciation
    • Voice modulation
    • Grammar skills
    • Overall communication skills
  3. Teachers Training Modules - TKT
  4. Training for
    • IELTS Certification
    • BEC Certification
    • CFE/CAE
  5. Class room management
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Contact Details

Corporate Office
183, Sector 29, Arun Vihar, Noida - 201301(UP)

Email :
Mobile No. : 9560895119
Landline No. : 0120 4294753

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