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AutoCAD and 3ds Max  Training in Noida

L2L International provides you the AutoCAD and 3DS MAX Training in Noida Sector 2 in the depth method. L2L international teaches you the proper depth knowledge of AutoCAD and 3ds Max. The 3ds Max training is totally based on current industry standards & 100% assured placements by L2L International. L2L helps you to fulfil your dream which you are dreaming since childhood. L2L International is one of the best AutoCAD Training Centre in Noida &Delhi NCR. We offer you only Practical knowledge of AutoCAD & 3ds Max, in which you will be solving live problems & doing live projects.

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About  AutoCAD

Modern hours of daylight engineers & architects today, select to use AutoCAD tool to cause problems their designs across all the industries. It is no consider useful in modifying designs adeptly; data can be stored and retrieved any time. Today, AutoCAD is the most quickly-liked and widely used design software in the industry.

About  3ds Max

Navigate Autodesk 3ds Max Design devotee interface. To be adept to use basic Autodesk 3ds Max Design commands for professional 3D model, design and rendering. Understand concept and technique in the 3D modelling. To be spacious to find the child support for conclusive rendering and buoyancy. Prerequisite Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows. Newcomers to Autodesk 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. Users who have in the back used a vary 3D tool & are looking to migrate to Autodesk 3ds Max Design.
AutoCAD is a computer software program that allows architects and designers to make 2-D and 3-D renderings of their take steps during the planning stages of a project. AutoCAD training classes can be found within programs such as the Certificate in AutoCAD, Associate of Applied Science in Architectural Design and Drafting, or Associate of Applied Science in Architectural, civil and Mechanical and Engineering Design.

Recommend for AutoCAD  and 3ds Max Training

L2L recommend AutoCAD and 3D MAX Training in Noida to the students who have completed their first year in B Tech/B.E, Diploma & ITI in any stream. The course content has been prepared according to the latest syllabus of most profound directorates & universities. Students can use their skills in engineering drawing to make puzzling drawings using the AutoCAD commands more efficiently. Candidates who have passed matriculation can afterward learn as well as our easy training module.

Course Content of  AutoCAD and 3ds Max Training

Introduction of AutoCAD, Uses of AutoCAD, Advantages of AutoCAD,System Requirements, The AutoCAD Graphic Window (UI), STARTUP command, Mouse-Button Functions, Units & Drawing Limits, Use of Coordinate System (Cartesian-Absolute, Rectangular Relative & Polar-Relative). Pan, Zoom, Regan, Properties, Quick Calculator

Draw tools- Line, Construction lines, Rays, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Polygon, Polylines, Splines, Points, Multiline, Blocks, Block-Editor, Dynamic Blocks, etc. Creating obscure profiles using: – Table, Single-descent Text, M-Text, Erase, Copy and Move, Rotate and Scale, Array and Break, Trim, Fillet, etc. Object snapping methods & new status tools. View tools and their advantages. General Object Properties Area. Use of LAYERS & LAYER paperwork. LWT, LTS, Creating Hatches, Hatch-shorten, Region, Boundary, etc. Leaders & Multi-leaders

Creating Templates, Formats, Title-Box, Sheet Layout, Snap & Grid, and Isoplanes. Selections & Filters

Adding Constraints to a drawing using parametric tools

Understanding 3ds Max Interface, View-Cube, Named 3D Views, Visual-Styles, DUCS, Orbit tools, UCS, Modelling, Solid Editing tools. 3D Move, 3D Rotate, Align,Primitives- Solids, BOOLEAN-operations

Creating optional add-on view-ports, Surface Modelling, Surface-Editing. Mesh modelling& Mesh Editing, Conversion of mesh model to surface, 3D Operations

Isolate, 3D Sections, Materials editor, Lights, Render model

Annotative Scaling of drawings. Plotting of drawings & exporting to PDF

AutoCAD, 3D MAX  Courses & Duration

AutoCAD +3D MAX 60hrs.Weekends, Weekdays
AutoCAD 30hrs.Weekends, Weekdays

About the AutoCAD and  3ds Max Trainers

L2L International has brilliant, highly experienced AutoCAD Trainers. Having more than 10 years’ experience in IT Industry. Having variety of experience in multiple domains (finance, insurance, e-commerce, banking, and telecom). Passionate about new AutoCADtechnologies and solving complex problems which is the main highlight of our faculty members. Having vast knowledge of 3ds MaxDesigning in IT Industry. Our Trainers are having expertise in updated AutoCAD technology who are having great experience in managing real –time AutoCAD Designing projects.

Why Choose L2L International  for AutoCAD Training in Noida

L2L International is the modern epitome of training, with their highly qualified and versatile pool of professional trainers and experts. L2L Academy is a temple to education- ample of courses to choose from, option of varying degrees of proficiency, 24×7 support and assistance, practical and fun way of instruction.

L2L takes pride in having a highly experienced and learned team of trainers/mentors to assist their clients/students of achieving excellence in their domain. Our Founder & CEO Colonel HS Walia has a management professional experience of 32 years in all round management functions including Training, Operations and Stakeholders Engagement. An ISB CEE Alumni, he is recognized as an proven Entrepreneur and Trainer credited with ability to absorb new techniques and technology to include Digital and Social Marketing Strategies. Shortlisted by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India as a ‘Mentor of Change’. In addition, language and IT wings of the company is headed by the most experienced faculties honoured with number of awards/rewards.

  • Live project Studies
  • 700 plus real time problems
  • 6 months industrial training (certified)
  • 6 weeks summer training (certified)
  • Scholarship…..up to 100%
  • 100% Placement Guarantee
  • Cloud based learning.
  • Special Internship program

Our tie-ups with various MNCs and Start-ups permits us to aid our students in securing their dream jobs. Furthermore, the dynamic functioning of the academy due to events, drives and startup and marketing campaigns provides for plenty of internship and job opportunities.

  • More than 1200 organizations prefer to recruit L2L International trained students
  • More than 50000 students placed in the Software industry

A highly motivated L2L team slogs an eternity so as to ensure the students’ needs are met in time.