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L2L International is a unique company having a presence in Training, Consultation and Placement Domain. It has a pool of trainers, mentors, coach and consultants having a rich experience in their respective field of specialization.

The company has conducted Corporate Trainingsessions at various places to include Mumbai, Pune, NCR, Udaipur, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Patna, Indore, Ajmer etc. We have interfaced with the Companies like L&T, EdCIL, Praj Industries, Kirloskar, LIC , SBI, MTS, Forbes Marshal, MPhasisetc. and Institutes like British Council, IMS(Ghaziabad), AIM (New Delhi), ISB CEE Alumni

(Hyderabad), Pacific (Udaipur), Symbiosis, Sharda University (Noida)etc to carry forward our motto of ‘Transforming People Through Empowerment’.

L2L International has also initiated the dialogue with the following agencies to be their knowledge Partner

  1. CREDAI , New Delhi
  2. BBMB, Chandigarh
  3. HVPNL, Panchkula
  4. EdCIL, New Delhi

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Training Design  for Basic of Communication, Corporate Training

    1. A creative environment and a management structure that encourages idea generation and effective communication is essential in nourishing the abilities of employees and in helping tominimize staff turnover; nobody wants to be met with a metaphorical brick wall when attempting to present ideas and innovations. Naturally, the organization itself can benefit from tapping into the experiences and knowledge base of those who can communicate with power and authority.
    2. This concept is known in broad terms as Effective Communication, i.e. enabling staff the communicate with confidence and authority.
    3. L2L International offers a highly interactive corporate training in Delhi NCR on building communication skills amongthe staff to not only build the company a better place to work at but also to take control of work-life balance.
  1. Training Modules. Details of various modules designed are as under:
    1. Module 1:   Understanding Communication Dynamics.
    2. Module 2:   Power of Strong Communication Skills.
    3. Module 3:   Building Confidence Through Communication.
    4. Module 4:   Conflict Resolution: A Game Changer.
    5. Module 5:   Negotiation Skill: Managing Difficult People or Situations.
    6. Module 6:   Meetings and Greetings: Expanding your options in difficult situations.
    7. Module 7:   Own Effective Communication Kit(ECK).
  1. Zero Hour Session:
      1. This is the FLAGSHIP session of L2L International.
      2. The main objective of these talks are to make participants aware of certain issues which are very critical and cannot be overlooked. A few sessions planned are:
        1. Relevance of having an Emotional connect with the staff.
        2. How to build a High Performance Team?
        3. Importance of achieving Financial Freedom
      3. Short talk discussions help in general awareness and improvement of the participants thereby improving overall personality which provides an impetus to company’s brand/image building.


  1. Training methodology adopted is generally based on four major issues mainly Cost, Subject Matter, Learning Style and Organizational Objectives. The above-mentioned course designed for the selective participants would primarily be based on Experiential Learning. Various techniques/methods of training adopted for the subject course, to make it more effective and appropriate are as listed below:
    1.    Learning through Spectating. This method will include lectures, videos/ films and demonstrations.
    2.  Learning through Contributing. It involves brainstorming, discussions, role play, games/activities, ice breakers and case studies.
  1. In addition, questioning and reviewing sessions would be inbuilt in all modules being delivered to the participants. This not only encourages the open learning but also supports the most natural of all forms of learning….Discovery Learning. It encourages the participants to draw their own lessons and conclusions from the experience.

About TheFaculty,  Basic of Communication, Corporate Training

  1. The program will be conducted by Colonel (Retd) H S Walia,a trainer par excellence, having more than 35 years of experience in the field of corporate training, consulting, mentoring and coaching.


  1. L2L International is committed to build a learned community globally and has created a platform of providing best trainers to their clients with a vision of Transforming People Through Empowerment.

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