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L2L International provides you with C &C++Language Training in Noida. L2L international teaches you the proper depth of knowledge of C/C++ Training. The C/C++ Training is totally based on current industry standards with 100% assured placements by L2L International. L2L helps you to fulfill your dream which you are dreaming of since childhood. L2L International is one of the best IT Training Center in Delhi NCR. We offer you only Practical knowledge, in which you will be solving live problems.

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    What is C/C++ Programming Language

    C++ first& the most popular computer programming language for graphical applications as it runs in windows & Macintosh environments too. It was designed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. C++ language first appeared in 1985. It adds Object-oriented features to its predecessor. The subset of C language is C++.
    If we talk about the relating programming language, then Java is based on C++ language only. But Java Language is the distribution of program objects such as the Internet. Java is an easier language than C++ to learn but no other language than take place of C++ Language as today also big companies are doing programming with C++ language only.
    Basically, C++ language is an enhancement of C language which is used for OOP(Object Oriented Programming). It’s the oldest computer programming language that is used in today's scenario too. It has grown by another Bjarne Stroustrup as it was come by the developer Rick Mascitti.
    There is no particular certification that is meant to be the official industry standards. Some companies value Brain bench Certification, which is known as the leader in online certifications. Over 10 million students have given this since 1998.

    Usage of C++ Programming Language

    C++ is the only language, which is used everywhere but most of the part is in systems programming & embedded systems. Computer programming is a low-level system like an operating system or interfaces with hardware that drives it. & embedded systems are the things forex., Automobiles, robotics & other high resource devices through C & C++ can be used in many cases.

    C++ is a highly considered language when it comes to performance still now as it the first language programming language.  It is can run almost anywhere. C++ has a great community. It is reasonable to hire for due to the number of people, who are already familiar with the computer programming language.

    This has been said by many audiences that  C++  is not highly used for developing business applications anymore just because of the high risk of memory leaks, buffer overflows and so many other serious bugs “unsafe” code. In today’s scenario, most business applications are programmed in higher-level languages with can easily manage memory that makes the program more “safer”, such as Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, or JavaScript.

    Languages are coming to Rust are trying to replace C++ as other languages are offering more controls to prevent memory bugs. But they still have a large amount people of existing systems written in C++ and people already very familiar with C++ computer programming language, but they are allowing more & more business applications to be written efficiently in low-level languages which is C &C++.

    C++ computer programming language was designed to drive people, who are willing to learn to program quickly. This is done by except designers, animators & artists, who have mind-blowing decent technical chops, into a false state of confidence. In starting by making this, they think that they can handle this computer programming language when doing things like functions, loops, arrays, etc. C++ can generate amazing code if you are having some math code that is having some expressions. It is used on a regular basis in the backend when the organizations are big enough to justify their investment in both Horizontal & Vertical scales.

    L2L provides you the course C++ Training. We teach you to implement Algorithms in C++ or C language. We teach you how to write the coding & the proper way to implements the code.L2L is situated in Noida sector 2, near Metro station Noida sector 15. It is known for the best IT Courses Training Academy, C Training center, C++ training center, Data Structure Training Center, Java training center, Python Training center, etc.

    C/C++ Programming Courses and Duration

    Duration: 30 hrs.

    Availability: Weekdays, Weekends

    Duration: 30 hrs.

    Availability: Weekdays, Weekends

    Online & Offline Classes Available

    C Programming Language Training Course Content

  • The Structure of a C Program
  • Writing C Programs
  • Building an Executable Version of a C Program
  • Debugging a C Program
  • Examining and Running of C Language
  • Variables, Data Types
  • Operands, Operators, and Arithmetic Expressions
  • Input/output Management the Input/output Concept
  • Formatted Input Function
  • Control-Flow Statements of program
  • The IF…..ELSE Statement
  • IF…..ELSE ladder
  • Nesting of IF…..ELSE Statements
  • The Switching Statements
  • The do-while Statement
  • The while statement
  • FOR Statements
  • Data-checking process
  • Modular Programming with its Functions
  • Passing Data to Functions of programming language
  • Passing of Address to Modify a Value in Memory
  • User Define function in C
  • Using Functions in the Checkbook
  • C Functions of Standard Library
  • Arrays
  • Pointer and String Arrays
  • Pointers to Functions
  • Using Arrays, Strings, and Pointers in the Checkbook
  • Structures & Arrays of Structures
  • Pointers and Structures
  • Passing Structures to Functions of program
  • Nesting Structures
  • File Input/output Command of line Arguments
  • Combining Command-line
  • Dynamic Memory allocation
  • Malloc ,Calloc,Realloc,Free
  • C++ Programming Language Training Course Content

    Module 1: C++ Introduction

    Characteristics, C++ Object-Oriented Terminology, Polymorphism, Object-Oriented Paradigm, Abstract Data Types, I/O Services, Standard Template Library, Standards Compliance

    Module 2: C++ Functions &Variables

    Functions: Declaration and Definition, Variables Definition, Declaration and Scope of Variables, Dynamic Creation and Derived Data, Arrays and Strings in C++, Qualifiers

    Module 3: Classes

    Classes Defining in C++, Classes and Encapsulation, Member Functions, Instantiating and Using Classes, Using Constructors, Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists, Using Destructors to Destroy Instances, Friendship

    Module 5: Initialization and Assignment

    Initialization vs. Assignment, Copy Constructor and Assigning Values, Specialized Constructors and Methods, Constant and Static Class Members

    Module 6: Storage Management

    Memory Allocation, Dynamic Allocation: new and delete

    Module 7: Inheritance

    Overview of Inheritance, Defining Base and Derived Classes, Constructor and Destructor Calls

    Module 9: Input and Output function of C++

    Standard Streams, Manipulators, Unformatted Input and Output, File Input and Output

    Module 10: Exceptions

    Exceptions, Inheritance and Exceptions, Exception Hierarchies, Inside an Exception Handler

    Module 11: Templates

    Template Overview, Customizing a Template Method, Template Library Containers

    About the C/C++ Training Faculty Member

    L2L International has brilliant, highly experienced C & C++ faculty members. Having more than 10 years’ experience in Software Industry. Having a variety of experience in multiple domains (finance, insurance, e-commerce, banking, and telecom). Passionate about new technologies and solving complex problems which is the main highlight of our faculty members. Having vast knowledge ofC/C++ in IT Industry. Our faculties are having expertise in updated technology who are having great experience in managing real-time C/C++projects.

    Why Choose L2L International for C/C++ Training in Noida

    The Training and Educational Hub

    L2L International is the modern epitome of training, with its highly qualified and versatile pool of professional IT trainers and experts. L2L Academy is a temple to education- ample of courses to choose from, the option of varying degrees of proficiency, 24×7 support, and assistance, practical and fun way of instruction.

    Team behind the scene

    L2L takes a pride in having a highly experienced and learned team of trainers/mentors to assist their clients/students in achieving excellence in their domain. Colonel HS Walia, Founder & CEO is a management professional with 32 years of experience in all-around management functions including Training, Operations, and Stakeholders Engagement. An ISB CEE Alumni recognized as a proven Entrepreneur and Trainer credited with the ability to absorb new techniques and technology to include Digital and Social marketing strategies. Shortlisted by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India as a ‘Mentor of Change’.

    In addition, the language and IT wings of the company are headed by the most experienced faculties honored with a number of awards/rewards.

    Our Training Program Includes

    • Live project Studies (Social Media, Banking & Healthcare)
    • 700 plus real-time problems
    • 6 months industrial training (certified)
    • 6 weeks summer training (certified)
    • Scholarship…..up to 100%
    • 100% Placement Guarantee
    • Cloud-based learning.
    • Special Internship program

    Placement Support

    Our tie-ups with various MNCs and Start-ups permits us to aid our students in securing their dream jobs. Furthermore, the dynamic functioning of the academy due to events, drives, and startup and marketing campaigns provides for plenty of internship and job opportunities.

    • More than 1200 organizations prefer to recruit L2L International trained students
    • More than 50000 students placed in the Software industry

    Instructional Support- all round the clock

    A highly motivated L2L team slogs an eternity so as to ensure the students’ needs are met in time.