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L2L International is the best IT Training in Noida who provides you the depth knowledge of Data Structure & Data Algorithm training with one programming language(C/C++, Java & Python) which is called Fun with Programming. The Data Structure training & Data algorithm training is totally based on current industry standards with 100% assured placements by L2L International. L2L helps you to fulfill you dream which you are dreaming since childhood. L2L International is one of the best IT Training Center in Delhi NCR. We offer you Practical knowledge, in which you will be solving live problems.

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What is Data Structure & Data Algorithms?  How to design algorithms using programming languages (C/C++, Java & Python)?

In 1976 one book (Algorithm + Data Structure =Programming) was written by Niklaus Wirth which covers the fundamentals matter of computer programming and many more topics like:

  1. Fundamentals of Data Structure Courses& Data algorithms Courses
  2. Sorting of Algorithms
  3. Algorithms Recursive
  4. Dynamic knowledge of structures
  5. Language compilers & structures

2 Append mix:-

  • ASCII character set
  • Pascal syntax diagrams in depth 

What is  Data structure?

Data organization & storage format that enables well organized access and modification in Computer Science is known as Data structure. It’s a collection of data values, the functions or operations and the relationship among them can easily apply to the data. It refers to the way of organization of the data on your computer. With a debilitated thinking, anyone can easily guess the best way to classify matter can make a lot of influence on the performance. Let’s take one example to know it deeply, Imagine yourself in Library & you are willing to buy one bundle of theory book set. Then you know that you have to go directly to theory section & you are done. But suppose if the books are just randomly distributed then it will be really a troublesome process to find the theory book set. Like this Data structure perform the task to organize the data properly.

Usage of  Data structure?

We all are living I 21st century, where things are changing rapidly & if we talk about old time 17th -18th century, there the people used to store data in hard copies using register or any file. So the time has passed & the storage of data has been transformed small to huge & after that it’s become so complicated to manage the data. So to consume the time data structure concept was built, which implement more than one particular abstract data type. Data Structure basically helps us to store large database in the very easy & specified way. Data structure is basically the key to design efficient algorithms. It’s the most important tool for the programmers. Tools themselves solve the problem so that the user doesn’t have to reinvent the solution. For different kinds of application, different data structure is formed. For example, these are the some data structure which is formed for primitive data types are:

  1. Array
  2. Union
  3. Linked list
  4. Tagged union
  5. Object

Implementation  of Data Structure

Data Structure is implemented based on ability of the computers to fetch & storage of data in the memory. It itself manipulated by the program. For ex “Array” data structure which was entirely based on computing the address of data with arithmetic operations and on the same time if we talk about “Linked data structure“ then it was based on storing all the addresses of data within structure itself. Data Structure implementation require writing set of procedures to create or manipulate structure instances. Data Structure is called indirectly operations that performed on it in the mathematical properties.
The two languages which are low-level languages, such as BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language) or higher-level assembly languages, such as MASM. Most common Implemented languages of data structure are C/C++, Java or Python.
L2L provides you the course Fun with Programming in which we give Data Structure Training & Data algorithms Training. Howe to implement data structure and data algorithm in Programing language (C/C++, Java & Python). L2L is situated near Metro station Noida sector 15, in Noida sector 2, Delhi NCR.

What is  Data Algorithms?

Data Algorithms is a method for resolving the problem by the particular procedure in the limited steps. It is basically the process with a set of rules which should be followed in the calculations or in resolving the problem by the computer. The concept of Algorithms exists from centuries & the use of this concept is attributing to Greek Mathematicians. It’s a set of rules in a sequence of operations which includes all the computer programs. It also includes the computer programs that do not perform numeric calculations. The time cannot the measured that Algorithms required as it is not related to our customary physical dimension. In simple daily life words an Algorithms are like, a very well written recipe for a cup cake, with some step that should be followed in the very simple language & if you follow then, you will end up with a cup cakes.

Usage of  Data Algorithms

Data Algorithms is simplified by a series of instruction that should be followed step by step to resolve the problem to make it useful. Algorithms have an input which goes through entire series of computations and produce an output. They are a formal way to describe how to carry out from any certain task & computers are brilliant at carrying out series by the defined instructions. So they are the formal description of computer programs. The main usage of Algorithms are that they tells user whether a particular number is prime or not to AI systems such as “Facebook”. An Algorithms that, based on the pages that user like at Facebook, determines which ads would be the best to shown on that. Similarly if we talk about YouTube, then there also an Algorithm works and tell who has more 10K subscribers & which ads will be the best to show in their channels. And the most interesting thing is that f you have read or understood about Algorithms then in theory you can easily implement in any programming language of your own choice, it can be C/C++, Java, and Python.

Implementation  of data algorithms

Most of the Algorithms are planned to be implemented as computer programs. They are also implemented by other means such as biological neural network. But the best part is if you understood an Algorithms meaning deeply then you can easily apply it in any computer programming languages.
L2L provides you the course Fun with Programming in which we give Data Structure Training & Data algorithms Training in C/C++, Java & Python Languages. We teach you to implement Algorithms n any programming languages of your own choice. L2L is situated near Metro station Noida sector 15, in Noida sector 2, Delhi NCR. It is known for the best Data Structure Training center, Data Algorithms training center, java training center, Python Training center etc.

Data Structure  and Data Algorithm Course & Duration

Data Structure & Data Algorithm120hrs.Weekdays, Weekends

Data Structure  and Data Algorithm Course Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Recursion and backtracking
  3. Array
  4. Linked list
  5. Stack
  6. Queues
  7. Trees
  8. Priority queues and heap
  9. Graph
  10. Sorting
  11. Searching
  1. Selection algorithm
  2. Hashing
  3. String algorithms
  4. Algorithms designing techniques
  5. Greedy algorithms
  6. Divide and conquer algorithms
  7. Dynamic programming
  8. Complexity classes
  9. Miscellaneous problem
  10. Python – on python page
  11. Java -on java page

About the L2L Data Structure  & Data Algorithm Faculty Members

L2L International has brilliant, highly experienced Data Structure & Data Algorithm faculty members. Having more than 10 years’ experience in Software Industry. Having variety of experience in multiple domains (finance, insurance, e-commerce, banking, and telecom). Passionate about new technologies and solving complex problems which is the main highlight of our faculty members. Having vast knowledge of DS & DA in IT Industry. Our faculties are having expertise in data structure and data algorithm designing and implementation.

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