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L2L International is the Best Big data & Data Science Training institute in Noida. We teach real time& core technology to the students in-depth analysis… The big data &data science training is totally based on real-time & 100% assured placements by L2L International. L2L helps you to fulfill your dream. L2L International is one of the best Big Data &data science Training Center in Noida& Delhi NCR. We offer you real-time exposure & practical knowledge. L2L provides live projects based on data science training in Delhi NCR. L2L International conducts workshops, live sessions, live & real-time projects in Colleges and corporates companies. L2L International having a knowledge partnership with Soft Vidya, Techolabs, ION ImagineMedia, and IT Mind labs.

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    What are Big data and Data Science?

    Data Science deals with unstructured and structured, Data Sciences a field that comprises everything that related to data cleansing, preparation, and analysis. Big Data refers to humongous volumes of data that cannot be processed effectively with the traditional applications that exist.

    L2L assemble a blend of academic learning, practical sessions, Real-time projects, workshops, events to give the students proper knowledge about big data and data science. We give them proper explorer that helps in the transformation of students into thorough professionals that are easily enlisted within the IT Industry and that is the main reason that L2L International is known for best big data and data science training Center in Noida sector 2.
    Data science is the latest data preparation, data analysis core technology. In today’s world, it is a very useful core technology. Data science is part of Big Data. Big data deals with the volume of data. L2L international provides data science training by data science experts… Data science is a core technology here distributing and processing a large set of data into a cluster of computers.

    Data science is a core technology. It refers the data cleansing, preparation, and analysis. Data science is a part of big data. Big Data is a technology that contains is a high volume of data. It basically contains the core technology. L2LInternational is the best big data and data science training institute in Noida & Delhi NCR with NIESUD certification & partnership with Soft Vidya, Technolabs, ION Imagine Media, and IT Minds labs.

    For Learning or doing this course, the student should have at least achieved 50% or higher in both class XII and graduation, any student Soft developers or professional in looking forward to building a career in the IT Domain. More than 1200 organizations we prefer to recruit L2L International trained students to the best level and More than 50000 students placed in the Software industry. Now let’s know the data science training course duration. We are offering course content to the students &we teach in Data Science and Big Data training in Noida & Delhi NCR. L2L International gives you a data science and big data Training course certified by NIESBUD (The National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development is a premier organization of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship). L2L International having a knowledge partnership with Soft Vidhya.

    Data Science Training Courses & Duration:-

    Duration: 60 hrs.

    Availability: Weekends, Weekdays

    Duration: 90 hrs.

    Availability: Weekends, Weekdays

    Duration: 90 hrs.

    Availability: Weekends, Weekdays

    Duration: 90 hrs.

    Availability: Weekends, Weekdays

    Online & Offline Classes Available

    Data Science Training Course Content:

    Introduction to Data Science

    • Need for Data Scientists
    • Foundation of Data Science
    • What is Business Intelligence
    • What is Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Machine Learning
    • Analytics vs Data Science
    • Value Chain
    • Types of Analytics
    • Lifecycle Probability
    • Analytics Project Lifecycle


    • Basis of  Data Categorization
    • Types of Data
    • Data Collection Types
    • Forms of Data and Sources
    • Data Quality, Changes and Data Quality Issues, Quality Story
    • What is Data Architecture
    • Components of Data Architecture
    • OLTP vs OLAP
    • How is Data Stored?

    Big Data

    • What is Big Data?
    • 5 Vs of Big Data
    • Big Data Architecture, Technologies, Challenge, and Big Data Requirements
    • Big Data Distributed Computing and Complexity
    • Hadoop
    • Map Reduce Framework
    • Hadoop Ecosystem

    Data Science Deep Dive

    • What is Data Science?
    • Why are Data Scientists in demand?
    • What is a Data Product
    • The growing need for Data Science
    • Large-Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
    • Data Science Skills
    • Data Science Use Cases and Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
    • Map-Reduce Framework
    • Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Data Acquisition
    • Where to source data
    • Techniques
    • Evaluating input data
    • Data formats, Quantity and Data Quality
    • Resolution Techniques
    • Data Transformation
    • File Format Conversions
    • Anonymization

    Data Science Using R Programming

    • Introduction to R
    • Business Analytics
    • Analytics concepts
    • The importance of R in analytics
    • R Language community and eco-system
    • Usage of R in industry
    • Installing R and other packages
    • Perform basic R operations using the command line
    • Usage of IDE R Studio and various GUI

    R Programming Concepts

    • The datatypes in R and their uses
    • Built-in functions in R
    • Subsetting methods
    • Summarize data using functions
    • Use of functions like head(), tail(), for inspecting data
    • Use-cases for problem solving using R

    Data Manipulation in R

    • Various phases of Data Cleaning
    • Functions used in Inspection
    • Data Cleaning Techniques
    • Uses of functions involved
    • Use-cases for Data Cleaning using R

    Data Import Techniques in R

    • Import data from spreadsheets and text files into R
    • Importing data from statistical formats
    • Packages installation for database import
    • Connecting to RDBMS from R using ODBC and basic SQL queries in R
    • Web Scraping
    • Other concepts on Data Import Techniques

    Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) using R

    • What is EDA?
    • Why do we need EDA?
    • Goals of EDA
    • Types of EDA
    • Implementing of EDA
    • Boxplots, cor() in R
    • EDA functions
    • Multiple packages in R for data analysis
    • Some fancy plots
    • Use-cases for EDA using R

    Data Visualization in R

    • Storytelling with Data
    • Principle tenets
    • Elements of Data Visualization
    • Infographics vs Data Visualization
    • Data Visualization & Graphical functions in R
    • Plotting Graphs
    • Customizing Graphical Parameters to improvise the plots
    • Various GUIs
    • Spatial Analysis
    • Other Visualization concepts


    Big Data and Hadoop Introduction

    • What is Big Data and Hadoop?
    • Challenges of Big Data
    • Traditional approach Vs Hadoop
    • Hadoop Architecture
    • Distributed Model
    • Block structure File System
    • Technologies supporting Big Data
    • Replication
    • Fault Tolerance
    • Why Hadoop?
    • Hadoop Eco-System
    • Use cases of Hadoop
    • Fundamental Design Principles of Hadoop
    • Comparison of Hadoop Vs RDBMS

    Understand Hadoop Cluster Architecture

    • Hadoop Cluster and Architecture
    • 5 Daemons
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Typical Workflow
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Writing Files to HDFS
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Reading Files from HDFS
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Rack Awareness
    • Before Map Reduce

    Map Reduce Concepts

    • Map Reduce Concepts
    • What is Map Reduce?
    • Why Map Reduce?
    • Map Reduce in real-world  and Map Reduce Flow
    • What is Mapper, Reducer, and Shuffling?
    • Word Count Problem
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Distributed Word Count Flow and Solution
    • Log Processing and Map Reduce
    • Hands-On Exercise

    Advanced Map Reduce Concepts

    • What is Combiner?
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • What is Partitioner?
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • What is a Counter?
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • InputFormats/Output Formats
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Map Join using MR
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Reduce Join using MR
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • MR Distributed Cache
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Using sequence files & images with MR
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Planning for Cluster & Hadoop 2.0 Yarn
    • Configuration of Hadoop
    • Choosing Right Hadoop Hardware and Software?
    • Hadoop Log Files?

    Hadoop 2.0 and YARN

    • Hadoop 1.0 Challenges
    • NN Scalability, SPOF, and HA
    • Job Tracker Challenges
    • Hadoop 2.0 New Features
    • Hadoop 2.0 Cluster Architecture & Federation
    • Hadoop 2.0 HA
    • Yarn & Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Yarn MR Application Flow

    About the Data Science Course Faculty Member

    L2L International has brilliant, highly experienced Big data and data science faculty members. Having more than 10 years’ experience in Software Industry. Having a variety of experience in multiple domains (finance, insurance, e-commerce, banking, and telecom). Passionate about new technologies and solving complex problems which is the main highlight of our faculty members. Having vast knowledge in IoT& in IT Industry. Our faculties are having expertise in updated technology who are having great experience in managing real–time IoT projects.

    Computer science graduate having over 8 years of experience working as Senior Consultant (Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets)

    Why Choose L2L International for Big Data & Data Science Training

    The Training and Educational Hub

    L2L International is the modern epitome of training, with its highly qualified and versatile pool of professional IT trainers and experts. L2L Academy is a temple to education- ample of courses to choose from, the option of varying degrees of proficiency, 24×7 support, and assistance, practical and fun way of instruction.

    Team behind the scene

    L2L takes a pride in having a highly experienced and learned team of trainers/mentors to assist their clients/students in achieving excellence in their domain. Colonel HS Walia, Founder & CEO is a management professional with 32 years of experience in all-around management functions including Training, Operations, and Stakeholders Engagement. An ISB CEE Alumni recognized as a proven Entrepreneur and Trainer credited with the ability to absorb new techniques and technology to include Digital and Social marketing strategies. Shortlisted by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India as a ‘Mentor of Change’.

    In addition, the language and IT wings of the company are headed by the most experienced faculties honored with a number of awards/rewards.

    Our Training Program Includes

    • Live project Studies (Social Media, Banking & Healthcare)
    • 700 plus real-time problems
    • 6 months industrial training (certified)
    • 6 weeks summer training (certified)
    • Scholarship…..up to 100%
    • 100% Placement Guarantee
    • Cloud-based learning.
    • Special Internship program

    Placement Support

    Our tie-ups with various MNCs and Start-ups permits us to aid our students in securing their dream jobs. Furthermore, the dynamic functioning of the academy due to events, drives, and startup and marketing campaigns provides for plenty of internship and job opportunities.

    • More than 1200 organizations prefer to recruit L2L International trained students
    • More than 50000 students placed in the Software industry

    Instructional Support- all round the clock

    A highly motivated L2L team slogs an eternity so as to ensure the students’ needs are met in time.