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English Language

English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in Anglo-Saxon England in the early Middle Ages. It is now the third most widely used language in the world, behind Mandarin and Spanish. English is the first choice of foreign language in most other countries of the world, and it is that status that has given it the position of a global lingua franca (aka Trade Language or Common Language). It is estimated that about a third of the world's population, uses English.

English has become the most important language around the world; there are more people who need to learn this language in order to improve their professional and academic lives. Every year more children and young people look for an English language school where they can acquire the enough knowledge to handle English as their mother tongue. Many others choose an online course due to the accessibility.

It is undoubtedly that most companies prefer to employ people who speak and write English fluently. This fact has promoted that most students complete their studies with extra courses of foreign languages, of courses, if one doesn't speak English, this language must be our first option. If you are interested in learning English for the purpose of obtaining a job, then there are several things you can do that will help in this endeavor. English language resources, schools, and courses that teach English give you the tools you need to pursue any job opportunity. English is the language of global business and continues to become increasingly important in the global market.

For Business, language skills are very important. When pursuing job opportunities and even completing a job application, it is important to be proficient in the Englia's important to not only be able to effectively speak English, but also to listen to others speak as well and hold a coherent conversation. Reading and writing in English is important as well to be effective.

English, being an international language, plays a key role in the academic life of students, whether they come from rural or urban background, and is the key to their career success. Learning a language means learning a skill and therefore, English must be taught as a skill. Learners can acquire language skills (thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing) only if they have sufficient practice in the language. It implies the English classroom is a place where learners practice the language and not just listen to the teacher passively. Classroom is a like a playground where students play with the language.

There should a radical change in the assessment pattern. Students should be aware of the importance of all the language skills, and examinations should be designed in such a way to test the skills of the learners.

Not just qualified but trained teachers should be appointed to teach English. In my view, in-service training is as important as pre-service training. Teachers need to update their knowledge and skills constantly and the system should encourage teachers to attend such training Programmes periodically. This, in turn, will enable them to be effective in the classroom.

Why learn English?

1. It is the only major language without an academy to guide it-

The closest Britain ever came to having a language academy was at the start of the eighteenth century, when Gulliver's Travels author Jonathan Swift was lobbying hard for an Academy. Queen Anne supported the idea but died before a decision could be made, and the issue was largely forgotten. Nowadays, the only English-speaking country to have a language academy is South Africa. Because the English language has become so omnipresent without any guidance, there is little prospect of anyone starting an academy any time soon.

2. English is the official language of 53 countries. That is a lot of people to meet and speak to.

3. English is the language of the media industry. If you speak English, you won't need to rely on translations and subtitles anymore to enjoy your favourite books, songs, films and TV shows

4. English is also the language of the Internet. Many websites are written in English - you will be able to understand them and to take part in forums and discussions.

5. Since English is spoken in so many different countries there are thousands of schools around the world that offer programmes in English. If you speak English, there're lots of opportunities for you to find an appropriate school and course to suit your academic needs.

6. English speakers in the United States earn more money than non-English speakers. Learning English will open your job prospects and increase your standard of living.

7. English has a simple alphabet and everyone's equal-

The English alphabet is straightforward, making it easier to master than the symbols or pictures that make up some languages. There are no complicated symbols and characters to get to grips with in English. Furthermore, not matter how important they are, everyone is addressed as "you" - there are no polite and informal variants to agonize over.

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