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Handling Criticism  Corporate Training in Noida

L2L International is a unique company having a presence in Training, Consultation and Placement Domain. It has a pool of trainers, mentors, coach and consultants having a rich experience in their respective field of specialization.

The company has conducted Corporate Trainingsessions at various places to include Mumbai, Pune, NCR, Udaipur, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Patna, Indore, Ajmer etc. We have interfaced with the Companies like L&T, EdCIL, Praj Industries, Kirloskar, LIC , SBI, MTS, Forbes Marshal, MPhasis etc. and Institutes like British Council, IMS(Ghaziabad), AIM (New Delhi), ISB CEE Alumni

(Hyderabad), Pacific (Udaipur), Symbiosis, Sharda University (Noida) etc to carry forward our motto of ‘Transforming People Through Empowerment’.

L2L International has also initiated the dialogue with the following agencies to be their knowledge Partner

  1. CREDAI , New Delhi
  2. BBMB, Chandigarh
  3. HVPNL, Panchkula
  4. EdCIL, New Delhi

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Brief of Handling  Criticism Corporate Training

  1. Facing Criticism is a challenge especially while working in a corporate environment. It can often lead to uncomfortable situations. Few reasons are staff not seeing the bigger picture, volatility and, more often than not, unnecessarily stressful elements.
  2. None of us like to admit that we are not perfect and we don’t want to be reminded about it in a professional environment either. Like it or not, it is one of those inevitabilities in the workplace and we need to develop the necessary communications skills to be able to deliver and receive criticism constructively.

Objectives of Handling  Criticism Corporate Training

  1. Objectives to be achieved are:-
    1. Criticism or Feedback
    2. Self Confidence in handling such situations
    3. Harmful, reactive and unclear communication when criticizing
    4. Poor listening and communications skills when receiving criticism
    5. Removing the volatile eruptions and emotional reactions
    6. Productive language choice and communications skills
    7. Dispelling negative attitudes and perceptions of criticism
    8. How to ensure that criticism is absorbed and implemented
    9. The value of acknowledgement.

Duration of Handling  Criticism Corporate Training

  1. Workshop Structure: This workshop takes place in two parts on separate days for maximum effect.

Modules of Handling  Criticism Corporate Training

  1. Various modules to be covered are:-
    • Module 1:- Understanding Yourself (Strengths and Weaknesses).
    • Module 2:- Various types of Criticism to include their detailed analysis.
    • Module 3:- Is it Criticism or Feedback?
    • Module 4:- Basics of both delivering and receiving productive criticism.
    • Module 5:- Criticism and Relevance of Good Communication Skills.
    • Module 6:- How to handle Social Media Criticism.
    • Module 7:- Criticism as relevant to my workplace and remedial actions.
    • Module 8:- Criticism as an Empowering Tool.
  1. The workshop would be based on:-
      1. Live case studied.
      2. Presentations by the syndicates.
      3. Experiential Exercises.
      4. Personal reflections.
      5. Activities/Games.

Conclusion of Handling Criticism,  Corporate Training

  1. Open communication is one of the major tool to handle criticism and create a healthy working environment at the work place. Appropriate knowledge of such and other more relevant tools would lead the management and the team to improve both top and bottom line performance of the company.

About The Faculty of  Handling Criticism, Corporate Training

The program will be conducted by Colonel (Retd) H S Walia, a trainer par excellence, having more than 35 years of experience in the field of corporate training, consulting, mentoring and coaching.

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