Leadership Skill Training

Today most of the companies/organizations/entrepreneurs struggle to face the challenges thrown by the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguity) environment. The solution is very simple “EMPOWER YOUR MEN” with all the tools and techniques required to confront the opposition with MIGHT AND SKILL.

Leadership Skills are imparted at three different levels namely:

  • Battle of Existence
  • Battle of Growth
  • Battle of Consolidation

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    Battle of Existence

    1. This program can aptly be termed as “BACK TO BASICS” as it lays importance to basic ground-level training mandatory for any individual.
    2. The basic features of this program are :
      • Short duration: 15 to 30 hrs.
      • Group strength of course restricted to 40 participants maximum.
      • No bar on the minimum qualification of the trainee.
      • Methods of Conducting sessions include Case studies, BlackBoard Exercise, and Model-based discussions.
      • All modules are customized as per need.
    3. Takeaways from this program are
      • Self Assessment of own unique leadership style
      • Develop the ability to lead and maintain a team effectively
      • Manage and adapt to change.
      • Improve in overall performance.
      • Ability to develop a strong emotional connection with all concerned.
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    Battle of Growth

    1. This is a very critical and vital phase for any individual/organization. Sustenance of growth is challenging yet rewarding. This phase of training can also be termed as “ Battle of Exploitation”. The skillset required to win this battle is easy to adopt with commitment and hard work.
    2. The basic features of this program are :
      • Duration 40 to 60 hrs.
      • Group Strength max 30 trainees
      • Exposure of outbound training given to the attendees.
      • Industrial/Government / corporate office visits
    3. Takeaways from this program are
      • Able to build own IDEA FACTORY.
      • Confidence in the analysis of “Review of Situation” and “ Courses of Action” to be adopted.
      • An insight on Brand Building techniques.
      • Very strong EI ( Emotional Intelligence)
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    Battle of Consolidation

    1. It is imperative to consolidate on the gains achieved through the synergy of efforts. And this requires full dominance/control over actions being planned. This phase hence can be termed as “ Battle of Dominance”
    2. Basic Features are :
      • Duration 30 to 60 hrs.
      • Group strength max 30 attendees
      • Max stress on case studies and live examples.
      • One to One discussion with the domain experts.
    3. Takeaways from this program are :
      • Effective Strategic Decision-Making Process
      • ATD (Attention to Detail)
      • The exploitation of Digital& Social Media
      • Special stress on the policy of “RESERVES”
      • Revision of SOPs based on changes in the market scenario.
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