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L2L International provides you Machine Learning Training in Noida & Delhi NCR in the depth method. The Machine learning training is totally based on current industry standards & 100% assured placements by L2L International. Our trainershelps you to fulfill you dream which you are dreaming since childhood. L2L International is one of the best Machine Learning Training Center in Noida Sector 2. We offer you only Practical knowledge, in which you will be solving live problems. L2L gives you the Ministry of Entrepreneurship Certification after completing the courses.
L2L Provide you summer training in machine learning & internship with proper certification. L2L International conducts live workshops in Colleges& corporate training in MNCs. L2L International having a knowledge partnership with Soft Vidhya.

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    About Machine Learning and Deep Learning

    Machine learning is the part of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the field of computer science. ML uses statistical techniques to give the computer the potential to learn with data, without being explicitly programmed. The Machine Learning name has come in 1959 by Arthur Samuel. The study & construction of algorithms in ML that can learn& make predictions on data & such algorithms overpower following strictly static program instructions by making data predictions & decisions through constructing a model from the inputs of the sample.

    Part of AI which is ML helps in discovering hidden structures with unsupervised learning in a very simple way. It is a roadmap for building machine learning systems. ML helps in evaluating models & predicting unseen data instances. It is artificial neurons which is a brief glimpse into the early history of machine learning (ML). In Machine Learning which is the part of Artificial Intelligence implementing a perceptron learning algorithm in Python. In ML and object-oriented perceptron API, Training a perceptron model on the Iris dataset. It is adaptive linear neurons and the convergence of learning. Students should have achieved 60% or higher in both class XII and graduation. Any student or professional looking forward to building their career in the IT Domain can attend the AI Machine Learning.

    L2L International gives you Machine Learning training certified by NIESBUD (The National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development is a premier organization of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship). Now let’s know what is the machine learning course duration we are offering to the students & the course content we teach in Machine Learning training in Noida & Delhi NCR.

    Machine learning the part of artificial intelligence (AI) that is made to run on any data to recognize the hidden pattern in the given data. Everything that we saw in movies or in our wildest dreams are only because of ML. Machine Learning has become a very important part of our lives.
    ML(Machine learning) is basically for giving Computers the Ability to Learn from Data Building intelligent machines to transform data into knowledge. It is a tour of Machine Learning Classifiers using sci-kit-learn. ML helps in building good Training Sets of Data Preprocessing. Machine Learning which is a very important part of Artificial Intelligence helps in solving interactive problems with reinforcement learning, which is most important in the computer field. Machine Learning can be used in Java or Python language. For doing Machine Learning Python or Java is a must. & for knowing Python & Java or any IT language you must have the basics which are Data Structure & Data Algorithm. The next step is Machine Learning, then deep learning and both are part of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Machine Learning Courses & Duration

    Duration: 90 hrs.

    Availability: Weekends, Weekdays

    Duration: 90 hrs.

    Availability: Weekends, Weekdays

    Online & Offline Classes Available

    Machine Learning Course Content:

    Module: 1

    Giving Computers the Ability to Learn from Data Building intelligent machines to transform data into knowledge

    Module: 2

    Training Simple Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification

    Module: 3

    A Tour of Machine Learning Classifiers Using sci-kit-learn

    Module: 4

    A Tour of Machine Learning Classifiers Using sci-kit-learn

    Module: 5

    Building Good Training Sets – Data Preprocessing

    Module: 6

    Compressing Data via Dimensionality Reduction

    Module: 7

    Learning Best Practices for Model Evaluation and Hyperparameter Tuning

    Module: 8

    Combining Different Models for Ensemble Learning

    Module: 9

    Applying Machine Learning to Sentiment Analysis

    Module: 10

    Embedding a Machine Learning Model into a Web Application

    Module: 11

    Predicting Continuous Target Variables with Regression Analysis

    Module: 12

    Working with Unlabeled Data – Clustering Analysis

    Module: 13

    Implementing a Multilayer Artificial Neural Network from Scratch

    Module: 14

    Parallelizing Neural Network Training with TensorFlow

    Module: 15

    Going Deeper – The Mechanics of TensorFlow

    Module: 16

    Classifying Images with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

    Module: 17

    Modeling Sequential Data Using Recurrent Neural Networks


    About the Machine Learning Faculty Member

    L2L International has brilliant, highly experienced machine learning, deep learning faculty members. Having more than 10 years of experience in Software Industry. Having a variety of experience in multiple domains (finance, insurance, e-commerce, banking, and telecom). Passionate about new technologies and solving complex problems which is the main highlight of our faculty members. Having vast knowledge in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

    Computer science graduate having over 8 years of experience working as Senior Consultant (Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets)

    Why Choose L2L International for Machine Learning Training

    The Training and Educational Hub

    L2L International is the modern epitome of training, with its highly qualified and versatile pool of professional IT trainers and experts. L2L Academy is a temple to education- ample of courses to choose from, the option of varying degrees of proficiency, 24×7 support, and assistance, practical and fun way of instruction.

    Team behind the scene

    L2L takes a pride in having a highly experienced and learned team of trainers/mentors to assist their clients/students in achieving excellence in their domain. Colonel HS Walia, Founder & CEO is a management professional with 32 years of experience in all-around management functions including Training, Operations, and Stakeholders Engagement. An ISB CEE Alumni recognized as a proven Entrepreneur and Trainer credited with the ability to absorb new techniques and technology to include Digital and Social marketing strategies. Shortlisted by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India as a ‘Mentor of Change’.

    In addition, the language and IT wings of the company are headed by the most experienced faculties honored with a number of awards/rewards.

    Our Training Program Includes

    • Live project Studies (Social Media, Banking & Healthcare)
    • 700 plus real-time problems
    • 6 months industrial training (certified)
    • 6 weeks summer training (certified)
    • Scholarship…..up to 100%
    • 100% Placement Guarantee
    • Cloud-based learning.
    • Special Internship program

    Placement Support

    Our tie-ups with various MNCs and Start-ups permits us to aid our students in securing their dream jobs. Furthermore, the dynamic functioning of the academy due to events, drives, and startup and marketing campaigns provides for plenty of internship and job opportunities.

    • More than 1200 organizations prefer to recruit L2L International trained students
    • More than 50000 students placed in the Software industry

    Instructional Support- all round the clock

    A highly motivated L2L team slogs an eternity so as to ensure the students’ needs are met in time.