Team Building Corporate Training in Noida

Team Building Corporate Training in Noida

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Team Building Training in Noida, L2L International Corporate Training

Building an Effective Team

Essential Skills for an Excellent Career
L2L International is a unique company having a presence in the Training, Consultation, and Placement Domain. It has a pool of trainers, mentors, coaches, and consultants having rich experience in their respective field of specialization.
The company has conducted Corporate Training sessions at various places to include Mumbai, Pune, NCR, Udaipur, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Patna, Indore, Ajmer, etc. We have interfaced with the Companies like L&T, EdCIL, Praj Industries, Kirloskar, LIC, SBI, MTS, Forbes Marshal, MPhasis, etc. and Institutes like British Council, IMS(Ghaziabad), AIM (New Delhi), ISB CEE Alumni.
(Hyderabad), Pacific (Udaipur), Symbiosis, Sharda University (Noida), etc. to carry forward our motto of ‘Transforming People Through Empowerment’.
Training Design of TEAM BUILDING Training

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    Design of Team Building Training

    The program flow caters for gradual evolution from easy to difficult activities and is focused on learning through interesting and FUN filled activities. It is a well planned and researched process, which culminates into a positive shift in the way learners think about building a high-performance team.

    Details of various modules designed for team building training are as under:

    Module 1: Mission, Goals and Objectives

    • Major thrust on having all team players in sink with the common agenda.
    • Understanding SMART Goals and steps to achieve.
    • Team Building Activity – 1.

    Module 2: Strategies for Building trust

    • Understanding PERMA Model.
    • Impact of a strong Communication Skill.
    • Team Building Activity- 2.

    Module 3: How Important is Problem Solving (PS) & Decision Making(DM)

    • Equipping learners with relevance of PS & DM in building highperformance Team.
    • Team Building Activity- 3.

    Module 4: Team Effective Assessment

    • Performance Evaluation of team members.
    • An introduction to KPIs.
    • Team Building Activity- 4

    Module 5: Short Talks (One Session Not beyond 30 minute).

    • This is the FLAGSHIP session of L2L International.
    • The main objective of these talks are to make participants aware of certain issues that are very critical and cannot be overlooked. A few sessions are:
      Building ownership of staff towards the company.
      How to Build a High-Performance Team?
      Stay financially free.
    • Short talk discussions help in general awareness and improvement of the participants thereby improving overall personality which provides an impetus to the company’s brand/image building.


    The training methodology adopted is generally based on four major issues mainly Cost, Subject Matter, Learning Style, and Organizational Objectives. The above-mentioned course designed for the selective employees of the company would primarily be based on Experiential Learning. Various techniques/methods of training adopted for the subject course, to make it more effective and appropriate areas listed below:

    (a) Learning through Spectating.
    This method will include lectures, videos/ films, and demonstrations.

    (b) Learning through Contributing
    It involves brainstorming, discussions, role-play, games/activities, ice breakers, and case studies.

    (c) Follow up Sessions/Coaching
    It is one of the most natural training processes. In this, the conditions are created for the trainees to discover and learn with the support of tools available (Online Training Support). The trainer is there to guide and counsel and this is an available resource to them. The period may extend to two weeks after completion of the training modules. In addition, questioning and reviewing sessions will be inbuilt in all modules being delivered to the participants. This not only encourages open learning but also supports the most natural of all forms of learning….Discovery Learning. It encourages the participants to draw their own lessons and conclusions from the experience.


    About Team Building Trainer

    The program will be conducted by Colonel(Retd) H S Walia who has more than 30 years of experience in the Corporate Training field of training and development.


    L2L International is committed to building a learned community globally and has created a platform of providing the best trainers to their clients with a vision of Transforming People Through Empowerment.

    Next Steps

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    These skill-building modules help you quickly learn the skills you need to work, lead and manage more effectively; helping you develop a truly satisfying and successful career!

    Invest in you – take charge of your life and career to build an ever-lasting company

    The L2L International Club gives you the career training and support you need to make a real success of your career. It helps you to sharpen your skills and take your wisdom and abilities to the next level so that when career opportunities arise, you’ll be the natural choice to take advantage of them!


    All or Selective modules (as per clients’ need) are delivered to the shortlisted participants through a highly impactful training session after a detailed TNA (Training Need Analysis) in consultation with the HR department of the organization.

    Our Main Teachers

    • Colonel (Retd) HS Walia, An ISB CEE alumnus recognized as an Entrepreneur, Trainer, Mentor, Coach, Consultant

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