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L2l International is the best German Language Training Institute in Noida. Germany one of the most beautiful country and third largest exporter in the world (1.21 trillion euros) in goods and services exported in 2016. Germany is the home to numerous international corporations and they do direct investment in the United States is over ten billion dollars. German language is widely studied as a foreign language in India as it is one of the main cultural languages of the Western world. German is the official language of four other countries except Germany are Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. It’s also spoken in many parts of Northern Italy, as well as in the French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine.

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Why Learn German  Language?

  • German is most demanding language in today’s scenario. Germany is known world’s third largest exporter of goods and services.
  • Germany is also known the home to numerous international corporation.
  • Germany do direct investment in the United States over than $10 billion.
  • As a foreign language German language is widely studied and one of the main cultural language in western world
  • German is the only language which is the official language of not only one country but of four country: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein

About The Institute

L2L International, Noida is a foreign language hub for learning German language, working in co-operation with Goethe Institut-Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

German is in great demand in today’s Hi-Tech world. If you are interested in studying, working or settling down in Germany, then the proficiency in this language is your passport.

For professionals wanting to work in multi-nationals, elite schools, top-rated universities or world-class German companies and multi-nationals and practically all the airlines, knowledge of German is the deciding factor to get the job in the teeth of highest competition.

Other things being equal preference is giving to people conversant in German. The institute has been promoting and teaching German in schools and colleges. We not only introduced German to all the schools of Noida but also taught in the schools. All the scholarships under the PAD program have been won by students who have been taught by us. L2L International give you great opportunity to take classes as per your convenience in classroom or online (Skype).

Offered Courses

A1 (Beginner)

Fees: Rs.17000/-
Duration: 3 months
Weekdays & Weekends Classes Available

A2 (Based on Grammar)

Fees: Rs.17000/-
Duration: 3 months
Weekdays & Weekends Classes Available

B1 (Speaking)

Fees: Rs.19000/-
Duration: 3 months
Weekdays & Weekends Classes Available

B2 (Master of German)

Fees: Rs.22000/-
Duration: 3 months
Weekdays & Weekends Classes Available

Discount offer

If anyone is willing to do A1 to B1 with L2L International, then there is a great discount for you.

A1+A2 = Rs.30000/-
A1+A2+B1 = Rs.35000/-
Weekdays & Weekends Classes Available

Programmes for Corporate Training

L2L International, Noida office custom made programmes to train staff members of companies in German language.

The salient features of the programme are:-

  • The programmes can be conducted in the company’s premises or at the institute in Sector 2, Noida. Instead of the staff members coming to our institute our faculty will come to conduct classes in the client’s premises.
  • The language modules can be designed as per specific requirements of the company’s or the standard programmes of the Goethe Institute-Max Mueller Bhavan Delhi Can be conducted.
  • All courses are designed and executed to enable the learners to speak, read and write German fluently.

In case you want the participants to have certification, it will be from the Goethe institut New Delhi after clearing the examination.

Benefits of Learning German

Whatever will be your future plans, you may have the knowledge of German which will definitely increase you options.

Business: Knowing the Foreign language (German), relations with business partners improves and your chances for good communication and success will also improve side by side.

The Global Career: German language knowledge will increase your job opportunities in the field of German It will create opportunities in foreign companies in India or in abroad. German language helps you to function productively for and employer with global business connections.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Tourists from German-speaking countries which are Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria travel wide and far, and are the world’s biggest spenders when they are on vacation. They are impressed to be looked after by German-speaking staff and tour guides.

Science and Research: German language is the second most speaking & learning language all over the world. . Germany is well known for the third largest contributor to research and development. Germany offers research fellowships to the best and talented scientists from abroad.

Opportunities to Study/Work in Germany: Germany is well known for indulgent number of scholarships and other support to study in Germany. Working visas are easily available for young /elder foreigners from a range of countries and special visas are offered to excellently qualified workers or professionals.

Special Features

  • Teaching and audio-visual aids is an excellent learning atmosphere with exclusive 5 star infrastructure
  • Learning with songs, films, games and team-work
  • Equal emphasis on speaking, reading, writing and understanding German
  • Goethe Institut awards internationally recognized certificates
  • No prior knowledge of German required for the first semester
  • No age barrier
  • Custom-made programmes for corporate houses, university students, school children, housewives
  • Special courses for spouses applying for visa
  • L2L International provide you online classes on Skype


Highly Qualified
Trained & Experienced Teacher

Taniya, Goethe Institute alumni, German Language Trainer