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September 5, 2018
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Top Coworking Space in Noida

Gone are those days when organizations/business companies had to build their workplaces from scratch so as to start working processes. However, this culture has contributed to changing the whole ‘idea-oriented business’ model in today’s world of start-ups. So now, we can effortlessly opt for a shared office space in places such as hotels, restaurants, business centers, etc and that too at very low costs and hence is called a coworking space. A coworking space is a space or an office where an individual can work among like-minded people in a well-structured atmosphere. It offers an office-style atmosphere that adopts all the autonomy an entrepreneur can have, keeping himself/herself away from all the politics.

Noida sector-2 is among the more prominent regions witnessing this global trend. It is also considered as a hub for Business Process Outsourcing, IT and IT services with a number of companies setting up their bases in Noida. This city came into existence in the year 1976 as a part of an urbanization pattern during the years 1975-1977.

In 2016, the total number of coworking spaces in Noida was more than 30. It is predictable that this number might go over 40. At present, there are more than 2,500 seats existing across different micro-markets in NCR. The average occupancy share of coworking office space in NCR is around 70-75% and there is a high probability that it will rise once the current seat additions in most micro-markets are rented out.  At present, there is a very partial source of coworking spaces but once there is an improvement in the situation then, the demand for them will be very high. According to current parameters, the number of coworking spaces is popping up on a large number all over Indian metros and all the Second-tier cities.  Although, these start-ups get comfortable working options with reasonably priced rents.

Mr. Narendra Modi Ji aided a prosperous start-up system. He made all his efforts so that he can create such an environment that permits the entrepreneurs all around the country, demand for coworking space has been rising rapidly in recent times.

Many types of research show that start-up companies who work in a coworking space have a probability of succeeding four times more than those companies who don’t. These start-up office spaces strengthen the start-up ecosystem and help in building a network of different and talented people to share a common working bringing together a network of different and like-minded people to share a common working structure. These workplaces comprise of Open & linked work halls, Semi-private work-clusters & private cabins for teams have been admired with a variation of supplementary collaborative zones to instigate connections and networking opportunities. Such coworking spaces offer desks at low-priced rentals in an office like environment so that the employees can work easily and with more focus. Coworking spaces bring to its clients, best infrastructural amenities set in the finest of the interiors at very viable prices. An example of which is “L2L International business center”. L2L international is a Domain of Training, Mentoring, and Coworking. L2L provides a large number of conveniences for their employees such as a well-stocked library which is open for all employees, consist of training rooms, conference rooms, etc. Other facilities such as cafeteria and high-speed internet connection. Now talking about the training rooms, the facilities available are- Counselling/Mentoring Support, Open coworking space seats to partners for better learning and interaction, HR/Mktg/Ops/Sales/Legal Support and Fully air-conditioned Coworking office Space with housekeeping support. The main mission of L2L is to be customer focused and to fuel their dreams through high presentation deliverance with assurance and to be assertive with time bound results. L2L provides certified programs such as Certified EDPs/MDPs Programs, Certified Leadership Development programs and many other programs. This coworking space has an ample amount of natural light & access to outdoor green spaces causes less anxiety and stress at work. We should choose L2L over any other workspace because of its collaborative atmosphere, attractive and amazing events and workshops, open workspace, knowledge sharing, better interaction and diverse community. It is a kind of working space which provides a properly managed resolution so that the employees can emphasize on their work.

Currently, Developers, too, have started their own coworking office spaces so that they can contribute to providing development spaces or even split large flooring plates for smaller occupants.

The biggest benefit offered by these spaces to their clients is a consistent and reliable environment along with business networking prospects. Furthermore, coworking companies unify many corporate proceedings for their clients to socialize correctly. Options such as small and medium enterprises, along with start-ups are the biggest target customers for coworking operators.

Understanding all the basic requirements of start-ups – creating networks which are affordable and reasonable rent and flocked by capable people – the coworking office spaces provides a win-win circumstance.

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