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Learning Vocabulary in foreign languages is one of most important thing about learning language. If you don’t know any words then you will not able to speak the language. Learning language is also the one of the most difficult thing for people now days. Today I am going to give you some tips to stick vocabulary in the better & faster way in your Brain.

So here are top 3 tips which I have already experienced.

  • There are 100s of sites, which teaches you vocabulary by using Flashcards in your native language & in foreign languages. But in case few people will be there, who will be saying using flashcards is totally useless for them. So, I will only give them a tip that write with your hands in 4’6 or any size your prefer. You don’t need to buy Flashcards at all. Do it yourself write German on one side of a paper & English on the other side. The problem will be solved. Writing flashcards by hand are more effective then digital flashcards. Whenever you write things down on the physical act of writing connect with your brain easily. & also whenever you are reading it as you are writing it sticks in your brain a little bit more. If you are looking on flashcards and you are flipping and cover, flipping and cover, it doesn’t really sticks in your brain. So, 1st tip for you is that write it on your own flashcards. This is my favorite Tip that how I learn Vocabulary.

  • 1st 

1) Write vocabulary on paper by hand.

2) Write a word in English & in German Language side by side.

3) Include articles & plurals if applicable.

4) Say it loudly in both languages.

5) Do it 5 times. (if someone still having problem can say it 10 times.)

  • 2nd Tip Don’t listen to music at all while learning foreign languages. No matters how many people are suggest you or tell you that I learn better when I listen music. It is scientifically proven, you don’t. Always make sure that you are sitting in a quite atmosphere so that you can be relax while learning foreign language and concentrate in it 100%. You are listening Song (lyrics) in English & your Brain is writing German (foreign language), it’s not going to work. Please Stop it and go forward in the right way.
  • 3rd Tip Sing the vocabulary. Not even kidding, it’s actually a thing. While you are writing down I, start singing loudly, entertain yourself. Der Bahnhof , Der Bahnhof , The Railway Station (See, like this get it in your Brain.) Don’t even matter which tune you pick , pick something catchy , interesting or do it as it is going. What I usually do. Now some of you will be thinking that I am kidding here but genuinely it work very well. And while the time you will be done by the learning part. You will be getting trouble in speaking it without songs. But it will really work for you

I Hope this lesson will you in memorizing German Vocabulary. Keep learning German.

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