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People if you looking forward to learning German from to basics to the highest level, then please check out our website” “. Now let’s talk about the topic of today’s so it is “German Greetings” Whenever we start the basic conversation, the first word which comes is a greeting. So, in today’s blog, you will definitely learn essentials German Language Greetings which will help you in basic conversation. Especially if you are going to Germany then this is a must for Indians to survive there. Germans are totally efficient; they smartly convert into single words.  So learn it and enjoy speaking the German Language.So, let’s start:

  • Hallo – Hello
  • Guten Morgen – Good Morning
  • Guten Tag – Good Day
  • Grüß Gott – Good Day (used in Southern Germany)
  • Guten Abend – Good Evening
  • Entschuldigung- Excuse me
  • Bis Bald – See you soon
  • Auf Wiedersehen – Good Bye (Formal)
  • Tschüss! – Good Bye (Informal)

After hi hello, it’s come to answer the normal questions “Yes” & “No”. Now let’s learn how to say Yes & No in German.

  • Ja – Yes
  • Nein – No
  • Nicht – Not
  • Vielleicht -May be

After this we need some “Please” & “Thank you” words as it’s the best way to say someone politely. So, let’s learn that without wasting any time.

  • Danke – Thank you (Most commonly used version)
  • Dankeschön – Thank you

Bitte – Please

So, I hope you from this blog you have learned basic German Greetings. Stay turned for upcoming German Blogs. For any more info you can just go and visit our side and contact us: “”. Learn German and stay happy.

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