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People if you looking forward to Learn German from to basics to the highest level, then please check out our website” “. Now let’s talk about the topic of todays so it is German Numbers Pronunciation “Counting 1-1000”. Beginners first learn counting 0-12 & 20, and then you can write any number from 1-1000 or so on. It’s really simple and easy to learn. So, let me tell you first German numbers from 0-12.

So, let’s start:

  • Null – Zero
  • Eins – One
  • Zwei – Two
  • Drei – Three
  • Vier – Four
  • Fünf – Five
  • Sechs – Six
  • Sieben – Seven
  • Acht – Eight
  • Neun – Nine
  • Zehn – Ten
  • Elf – Eleven
  • Zwölf – Twelve

Hey everyone now let me tell you the trick. It’s really too interesting and easy one. Just learn 0-12 German numbers and then do one thing. Ex:  (13- Drei und Zehn) .. Now guess what is have done here.

Very simple just I have interchanged the number and added “und” in between. See you have to remember that the last two digit of the number should be interchanged no matter how big the number is . For ex :- ( 1294 is the number and I have to write it in German numbers then I will be writing “Eins tausend Zwei hundert Vier und neun” , here I have written all the numbers line wise but the last two numbers has been interchanged and “und ” is added. Is that clear. Now let’s come to the numbers like 20 , 30 etc.

The concept of 20,30s are –

Just simply  learn one word “zig” and use it before everyone numbers like 20 , 40 , 50… just one exceptional case is “dreiβig” which is 30.


20 – Zwanzig

40- Vierzig

60- Sechszig


100- Hundert

1000- Tausend

So , I hope you understand the concept of German number  from here . For any more info you can just go and visit our side and contact us : “ ”. Learn German Language and stay happy. Happy couting !

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