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German Language Tutorials are for gaining vocabulary as in foreign language vocabulary is really important. If you want to be the German professional then you have to become Vocabulary star. German Language is not at all hard, it’s a Myth. German is the language which sounds really beautiful if you are learning it from your bottom of your heart. It’s basically based on Sanskrit Language and as in school, we all used to say that Sanskrit is most mark gaining subject, similarly German Language is one of the foreign language which is so easy to learn. Now let’s come to Human body parts in german language which is known as “Körperteile „. Some Human bodyparts are listed below in German language:


bodyder Körper (-)chindas Kinn (e)
armder Arm (e)kneedas Knie (-)
eyedas Auge (n)boneder Knochen (-)
cheekdie Backe (n)headder Kopf (ö, e)
bellyder Bauch (ä, e)lipdie Lippe (n)
legdas Bein (e)stomachder Magen (ä)
chestdie Brust (ü, e)nailder Nagel (ä)
fingerder Fingermouthder Mund (ü, er)
footder Fuss (ü, e)nosedie Nase (n)
ankledas Fussgelenk (e)eardas Ohr (en)
braindas Gehirnbackder Rücken (-)
hairdas Haar (e)shoulderdie Schulter (n)
neckder Hals (ä, e)foreheaddie Stirn (en)
handdie Hand (ä, e)toothder Zahn (ä, e)
wristdas Handgelenk (e)toedie Zehe (n)
skindie Haut (ä, e)tonguedie Zunge (n)
heartdas Herz (en)facedas Gesicht (er)
jawder Kiefer (-)cheekdie Wange (n)


  1. Pankaj Kumar - December 12, 2018

    how to learn german online

    • Nidhi Jain - December 12, 2018

      You can learn German online + in classroom also. First tell mow which level do you want sir ?

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